The Atelier des Lodges restaurant

At the heart of the hotel is a place that follows the rhythm of the seasons. A cosy cocoon in the winter, a refreshing haven in the summer, the Atelier des Lodges welcomes you every day until 10.30 pm.

Five key moments set the pace of the day in this relaxing haven.

  • Breakfast

Get the day off to a good start with a generous breakfast, comfortably settled on a bench while, through the window, you admire Sainte-Victoire Mountain which will never fail to amaze you.

  • Lunch

When the weather is fine, make your way to the terrace! In the shade of the ancient trees, you will be able to enjoy a quick lunch prepared by our Chef: slow-cooked dishes served every day, Caesar salad, and more. Fresh and refined dishes adapted to the season.

  • Afternoon snack

The afternoon snack is for sweet treats! After a few lengths in the nearby pool, spoil yourself with the wonderful cakes that have been beckoning to you since you arrived at the Atelier.  You will be able to enjoy them with an ice tea or a delicious smoked tea depending on the time of year.

  • Cocktails

An essential part of Provencal life, cocktails are an enjoyable moment to be spent with loved ones or offer you the chance to meet the other guests. On the menu, you will find colourful cocktails which compete with each other by their originality.

  • Dinner

The Atelier welcomes you through to dinner time with a drink if affinity! A light meal and a vintage whisky are on the programme to round off this magnificent day.

If you would rather laze around in your cosy nest, the Atelier des Lodges also offers room service until